3 0   Y E A R S   Forum Gitarre Wien


30th International Guitar Festival

FORUM Gitarre WIEN 2020

23.08. - 30.08.2020

25th International Competition

23rd International Youth Competition 





Sungho CHANG, South Korea

Costas COTSIOLIS, Greece

Anton CRNUGELJ, Slovenia

Marko CUCEK, Croatia

François DANGREMONT, France

Aniello DESIDERIO, Italy

Andrea DE VITIS, Italy

Campbell DIAMOND, Australia

Zoran DUKIC, Croatia

Marcin DYLLA, Poland

Stefan HACKL, Austria

Loukia AGAPIOU, (Singer)

Patrizia BATIK (Viola)

Phillip BINDREITER (Drums)

Desislava DOBREVA (Flute)

Stefan EITZENBERGER (Saxophone)

Hannes SCHÖGGL (Drums)

Blaž ŠKRBEC (E-Guitar)

Norbert SIMÓ (Violin)

Lalita SVETE (Violin)

David Dolliner
Maximillian Gerstbach
Raphael Niederstätter
Cyprien N'Tsai
Costas Cotsiolis
Andrea De Vitis
Jorgos Panetsos
Marko Cucek
Marcin Dylla
Pavel Steidl
Leon Koudelak
Alvaro Pierri
Diana Moraru
Luka Lovrekovic
Lajos Horvath
Anton Crnugelj
Aniello Desiderio
Philipp Bindenreiter
Stefan Eitzenberger
Sung Ho Chang
Zoran Dukic
Florian Palier
Lorenzo Micheli
Hannes Schöggl
Campbell Diamond
Romana Pulvermacher
Francois Dangremont
Hadi Azadfallah
Stefan Hackl
Blaž Škrbec
Bozhana Pavlova
Ghazaleh Shahparrad
Duo Zaher
David Dolliner


Lajos HORVATH, Hungary

Leon KOUDELAK, Czech Republic

Lorenzo MICHELI, Italy

Diana MORARU, Romania

Luka LUVREKOVIC, Croatia

Raphael NIEDERSTÄTTER, Austria

Cyprien N'TSAÏ, France

Florian PALIER, Austria

Jorgos PANETSOS, Greece

Bozhana PAVLOVA, Bulgaria

Alvaro PIERRI, Uruguay

Romana PULVERMACHER, Austria

Ghazaleh SHAHPARRAD, Iran

Pavel STEIDL, Czech Republic


Maike CLEMENS (Cello)

David DOLLINER (Bass)

Maximilan GERSTBACH (Piano)

Iliyana STOYANOVA (Piano)

Duo ZAHER (Guitar) 


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