24.08. - 31.08.2022  




Sungho CHANG, South Korea

Aniello DESIDERIO, Italy

Andrea DE VITIS, Italy

Marcin DYLLA, Poland

Armin EGGER, Austria

Alfred EICKHOLT, Germany

Ulrike ENGEL (Baroque violin), Austria: Baroque literature for guitarists


29. Aug, 11:30

Alexandre Tansman, Works for Solo-Guitar


Analysis of the repertoire with particular attention to the less famous compositions and a specific focus on Hommage à Chopin.  


31. Aug, 15:30

Baroque Violin

 J. S. Bach: Barock dances in the Partitas und Suites,

stilistic und interpretative Aspects.






Festival Registration Deadline: 

14. Aug. 2022






Andrzej GRYGIER, Poland


Leon KOUDELAK, Czech Republic

Jorgos PANETSOS, Greece

Alvaro PIERRI, Uruguay

Borbala SERES, Hungary


27. Aug, 11:30

Silvius Leopold Weiss:

Stylistic characteristics of his music and the problem of the

new edition of Lute tablatures


This lecture deals with the problem of transcribing lute works to the modern six- and eleven-string guitar in a stylistically faithful manner on the basis of Leopold Silvius Weiss' compositions.
Various editions as well as the original manuscript will be consulted.

The lecture illustrates unavoidable musical discrepancies in the transcriptions of Silvius Leopold Weiss. Whoever arranges a lute piece for modern guitar faces various challenges in order to do justice to the musical intention of the piece.

28. Aug, 17:00, Erkersaal

History of String Manufacturing


Nine generations of string manufacturing expertise are built on ambition, drive for reaching perfection, perseverance and innovation, all wrapped around the passion and love for music and the classical guitar.

More than three hundred years ago the D´Addario family started making strings in the Abbruzzo mountains of Italy. Centuries of development, challenges, technology and research played their role in establishing D´Addario as the leading brand in manufacturing of strings and accessories they are today. 

The best materials, the process, the history and tips for choosing the right strings and accessories for your guitar – you can hear them all in the presentation D´Addario – A History of String Manufacturing.


Wien Kultur - Magistrat 7 der Stadt Wien


Savarez   European String Teachers Association     Klangfarbe MusikhausUniversal Edition





Wien Kultur - Magistrat 7 der Stadt Wien


Savarez   European String Teachers Association     Klangfarbe MusikhausUniversal Edition



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