21.08. - 28.08.2021  




Roberto AUSSEL, France / Argentina

Luciano CÓNTINI, Austria / Italy

Adriano DEL SAL, Italy

Aniello DESIDERIO, Italy

Campbell DIAMOND, Australia 

Margarita ESCARPA, Spain

Christian HAIMEL, Austria

Jorgos PANETSOS, Austria / Greece

Alvaro PIERRI, Austria / Uruguay

Marco PIPERNO, Italy

Stefan SCHMIDT, Germany

Marco TAMAYO, Austria / Cuba 

Tomasz ZAWIERUCHA, Poland

All active participants receive 3 lessons à 40 min. One is guaranteed with a teacher of your choice.


24. & 25. Aug, 10:50

The Art Of Teaching

with Stefan SCHMIDT

Goals: To provide participants with a toolkit to optimize their teaching to the greatest extent possible. 
Is there a secret recipe for satisfaction in the profession of an instrumental teacher?

Stefan Schmidt will vividly present new ideas for
instrumental teaching that he has developed over many years
and that are not taken into account in university education.
Non-verbal teaching, tendency-oriented learning, supportive methods of teaching, multidimensional aspects of teaching, motivational work and much more will help participants to redesign and structure their own teaching.

What are the opportunities for the teacher in pandemic times? In most cases, course participants later report a very positive development in the quality of their teaching.

23. Aug, 17:00

Hans Werner Henze
Shakespeare And Contemporary Music


 Hans Werner Henze was one of the most polarising composers of the second part of the 20th century and the classical guitar was very fortunate to find a way into his great opus. In this concert-lecture Karlo Krpan will perform excerpts of Royal Winter Music, try to decipher the Shakespeare connection and explore Henze’s youth education projects and philosophies.


Festival Registration Deadline: 

07. August 2021




23. Aug, 10:50


Listening to and interpreting baroque music between knowledge and enjoyment.
We know it from Hollywood movies: follow your heart and everything will be fine. The same approach applied to music means: take a seat, relax and enjoy.

Can such an approach be fruitful?

This lecture attempts to analyze the relationship between music enjoyment and its understanding. Common juxtapositions such as "heart vs. brain", "feeling vs. knowledge" or "feeling vs. understanding" will be presented in their banality and it will be shown that emotions and understanding together form an inseparable unit that can lead to the most beautiful musical experience.



26. Aug, 10:50

Panel Discussion

with Marco TAMAYO

In a moderated discussion, Marco Tamayo gives an insight into his thoughts on how to
work out new pieces, on interpretation, on preparing for competitions, on mindset etc.
The aim is an inspiring exchange between Marco Tamayo and our festival participants.

28. Aug, 10:50

Panel Discussion

with contemporary composer Julia PURGINA

Curious about contemporary music? Didactic models for a low-threshold access in the classroom

How can contemporary works be integrated into the school day in a way that is easily accessible to students?

How can teachers make the music of our time palatable to students?

The seminar is aimed at teachers of music at all types of schools as well as music school teachers of all instrument groups.

The goal is to discuss didactic models and methods for a low-threshold access to contemporary music in the classroom.


22. Aug, 17:00

Artist's Portrait


Introduction on contemporary Croatian composer, arrangeur and teacher Ante Cagalj with a recital of selected works.


Wien Kultur - Magistrat 7 der Stadt Wien


Savarez   European String Teachers Association     Klangfarbe MusikhausUniversal Edition



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